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San Rafael, Ca


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Pamela and her awesome dog Juno  

Pamela and her awesome dog Juno 


I'm a Customer Experience Strategist with deep experience as both an interaction and visual designer. With more than 16 years experience in and around Silicon Valley I know my way around town!

Your user experience should be intuitive, elegant and engaging. 

A well designed product is your most important tool for winning business and building success in an extremely competitive marketplace. My background and experience will help position you for greater market share. During the process we will have a lot of fun working together.



User Experience Strategy: Need to guide your UX in the right direction? Let's map it out with a big vision.
Skills: work with clients to understand needs and goals, collaborative design sessions with internal teams, set and define overall strategy for projects

Brainstorm Sessions: Think you have an awesome idea but need to focus? Let's do a fun whiteboard session (I love it!).
Skills: work with clients to throw mud on the wall and see what sticks through a brainstorm process suited to the project at hand.

Interaction Design: You need someone to create beautiful wire frames for you? I can do it.
Skills: Understand user & business requirements/market goals, work with internal teams to develop process flows & use cases, development of  user personas, wire frames, site maps, responsive design considerations 

Visual Design:  When the foundation is laid, who's going to gussy it all up? I can take it all the way.
Skills: Work with internal team to understand existing brand, develop visual design direction, apply visual direction across application, responsive design comps

Cross Functional Team Work & Facilitation:  Is he saying potato and she's saying potata? I'll help people engage and communicate. I can decipher what is most important and what needs to be done.
Skills: Work with team members across all functional areas, facilitate communication and ideation, excellent listening skills and ability to understand what is most important from a sea of data points, ability to work with off shore development teams (English speaking), understand Lean/Agile design principles & process

User Research:  Do you need to better understand your customer? Send me out into the field.
Skills: Contextual Inquiry, usability script writing, usability testing and facilitation

Social Media: Running social media campaigns across a variety of platforms to increase brand/UX awareness-utilizing FB, Twitter, Reddit, Vine, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.


Pamela was recently named as one of StartupHealth's 'Healthcare Transformers' for 2013. As co-founder of HelloMD, she and her business partner were selected as one of 12 companies out of more than 1200 applicants. "Right on!" is her response.

Appbckr won the PayPal Developer Challenge (for design), the SVASE Seed Challenge and the AlwaysOn 250 Company post launch.

Tango became the 7th fastest growing social app worldwide post launch.

Fun fact: designed the Netscape Communicator lighthouse logo while in the UX group at Netscape




"Pamela is a unique combination of good design sense, keen intellect, and outstanding productivity. Her ability to understand the business needs and user requirements allows her to design solutions that not only look good, but also delight customers with their ease of use. Pamela gets a deliverable in on time, if not ahead of deadline.  I have no hesitation in recommending her strongly."

Looja Tuladhar, Director of Product, Yahoo 

Fun fact: I designed the Netscape Communicator logo 


Co-Founder/Director of UX
2012 - Present

UX Consultant
Reboot with Joe
2014 - Present

UX Consultant
Harland Clarke

UX Consultant

Director of UX
2009 - 2012

UX Consultant / Fluidik Agency
2008 - 2012

Director of UX 
2007 - 2008

UX Consultant
2005 - 2006

UX Consultant

Other companies I have worked with or for: Oracle, Netscape, Paper Software (acquired by Netscape), Amulet Technologies, Ziff Davis, Xerox, Iplanet, Sun, Acurian, BP, LVMH, Red Herring, HP, and more... 

Website with my artwork:

Twitter handle: @HelloMD_com