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San Rafael, Ca


nScaled: Problem + Solution

 nScaled helps companies reduce costs and increase data capacity through the adoption of flexible, on-demand disaster recovery in the cloud. I started on day 1 of the company and supported their design efforts for 2 years working collaboratively with the CEO, the CTO and a Sr. Product Manager.

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Data center diagnosis and recovery processes were extremely challenging & normally encompassed difficult back end tasks where data often became compromised. Our challenge was to simplify complex data center recovery events and allow for quick data recovery in the event of a disaster.


  • Create a simple UI with a point and click interface
  • Allow companies to monitor their data in a visual manner and allow them to easily see when data may be in crisis
  • Create an interface that could easily be modified in the future



  • User Research we identified key areas that IT Professionals needed to monitor for overall health of systems
  • Decided that dashboard paradigm would best suit the needs of target users:
    • Show data graphically to allow for quick diagnosis
    • Alert users to potential problems and status changes in data
    • Allow users to easily drill into data
  • Used JQuery UI Library allowing for quick iterations and releases

nScaled Gallery: Dashboard walk through