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San Rafael, Ca


Turn: Problem + Solution

Turn allows customers to create advertising campaigns and then more effectively monitor those campaigns by overlaying third-party data, offline data, and data from multi-channel media campaigns.

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 4.47.02 PM.png



Turn's first application needed an upgrade to focus on the needs of their new target users. Enterprise clients were asking for more complex campaign creation, monitoring & data reporting.  I was hired to help redesign the existing application, address the needs of a more advanced user and update an outdated look and feel.


  • Overhaul existing 3 step process for campaign creation and show all relevant data for initial IO creation on one screen
  • Show all necessary data for campaign monitoring on one screen
  • Create a GUI that displays data in a more pleasing way



  • User Research identified key areas where campaign creation and management was lacking for existing customers
  • Create flexible IO and Package creation that allows users to skip steps and quickly set up a 'starter campaign'
  • Centralize campaign monitoring that shows status of a campaign visually with ability to drill into information in an in depth way
  • New Visual Design that establishes visual hierarchy and displays status of key information

Visuals & Wire frames: Campaign Monitoring and Package Creation